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Mindfraction celebrates a year of existence!

imagesWith a wonderful year behind, the Mindfraction Collective celebrates its first birthday. We would like to thank all our listeners and supporters who brought so much joy to the lives of our musicans. We would also like to thank every single  member of the team who helped making this possible. We promise to keep on getting better and growing stronger every month, as we already have some plans for the future of this collective.

We wish you all another great year and hope that we’ll provide sufficent entertainment to you.

As for the celebrations, Mindfraction’s Violet Rocket collaborated with Matt Segna to create an audio-visual treat. Here’s a small video in respect to the first year of Mindfraction’s existence.


New young talent on board.

Turning 17 in about 2 weeks, Kacper is on the young side of the Collective. The southern-Poland based producer mashes samples in a classical chop approach, but his wide variety of tracks reach a touch of electronic at times.

Kacper is producing under the Rec moniker for instrumentals, and is a part of the Incognito Produkcja project (with more material yet to come), where he’s responsible for beats, with his colleague doing rap.

An addition to the ‘beat’ side of Mindfraction, which we are very thankful to Tebes, who introduced him to our collective, Kacper is about to develop his style even more, and we can expect releases from him in the nearest future. We’ll inform you about them without hesitation.

Take a glimpse on Rec’s latest work on his SoundCloud:
As Rec:

As the producer in Incognito Produkcja:

Fourth – “Memorials” EP + Bonus

Whether you’re chlling on a hangover after New Year’s Eve or simply travelling to an unknown place by bus, longing for the summer and watching landscapes through the window, here’s some perfect music to fit your mood. Fourth’s “Memorials” EP is an ambient/post-rock record made fully on an electric guitar played by Mateusz himself. The chords and notes are both covered in reverbial-maze with a ton of delay and release,  but also distorted to an extent as in the only non-beatless track, “Fragility”.

If you’re for some really moody music, wanting to shed a tear while the whole world stops for a moment, listen to Fourth’s EP. One of the most anticipated releases of the year, now up for grabs on Terranean Recordings.

Visit Fourth’s  SoundCloud to hear a rough edit of another EP “Don’t You Worry Kid” and grab the tracks for free at:

Best wishes in 2013!

The Mindfraction Collective wishes all of you a truely marvelous year and that you’ll achieve your goals and dreams. Let this new year be as good to you as you wish.


With lots to come in 2013, we are proud to inform that the Collective will stregthen up due to a new signing. We also plan to release many EPs and LPs, some of them are already announced and will land early this year. Learn more about what we’re up to from news to come on the blog and our Facebook profile.


After a nearly year of our existence, we are to admit that 2012 was fairly successful to our artists. From Blue Void’s first LP on the label, through numerous podcasts, single tracks and even a remix-single to singing new promising musicans which will suprise you in the future for sure, Mindfraction is surely growing stronger every month and ready to become one of the leading group of underground, exceptional artists in Poland in 2013.

We would love to thank you for all your support and we hope that you’ll keep up with us in the new year.

Best wishes,

The Mindfraction Collective.

Mindfraction’s new signing’s first single for the collective

The Loner Apach (who will be written about later on) is Mindfraction’s long-awaited recent signing. The abstract-electronic beatmaker has recently smashed a truely dark EP sounding like a collage of modern drums and very retroish sampled records. The EP featured another Mindfraction representative, Violet Rocket and TLA’s friend, Vespa Crabro.

Taken from the EP, the track “Friction” was then appluaded and remixed by Mindfraction’s dub-king Thin Collins, and now it is out on our label as TLA’s first single, where minimalistic drums and etheral arpeggios of the original meet deep, hypnotizing drum-patterns and subtle synnth elements. The single’s one of the most “foggy” releases ever on Mindfraction. For sure there’s more amazing stuff to come from both The Loner Apach and Thin Collins, be sure to cop the release for free as soon as possible.

Here’s a SoundCloud link to the EP posted on our account and the album cover:

“Dawn Of The Season” single by Violet Rocket out now with remixes

After having another LP, “Dawn Of The Season” released on Mindfraction on the 1st of August, Violet has picked remixers for the self-titled track. The single comes with 9 versions, including the original and remixes from Mindfraction artists like Asystholia, Simonus, Szymon Pytel and Thin Collins, with additional remixes from Vespa Crabro and The Loner Apach, as well as an edit from Violet Rocket, the composer of the original track.

The single is an exotic mixture of different types of music, as every artist provided his signature style in his remix, therefore Asystholia’s remix is a great blend of multiple glitches and twisted drums, while Simonus’ version is a dynamic Liquid Drum And Bass with a touch of strings. Szymon Pytel’s remix is on the symphonic side of the single, with a beautiful exposure of field-recordings from the original and lovely piano notes. Thin Collins made 2 remixes, one of them is a tribal journey into groovey, lush soundscapes and the other one combines typical stoner-dub elements with small pieces of the original, cleverly combined into a lead-note.  On the beat-oriented side of the single, Vespa Crabro made a break-beat type of remix, while The Loner Apach turns from a typical wonky first half into really sped up ethnic-electronic madness with raw basses and off-beat rhythm. The single closes with a fast-paced edit from the author of the original, Violet Rocket.

Grab the single on Mindfraction SoundCloud profile for free:

Or get it from our BandCamp:

New track by recent Mindfraction signing, Zbyszek Siekiera (under Fourth alias)

With an introduction yet to come, the recent Mindfraction signing, Zbyszek Siekiera, is already active and working under new material. With a new alias “Fourth” he has just released his new track “Darkness Before The Dawn (RAW)” via his and Mindfraction’s Soundcloud.

The track is certainly something different from what Mindfraction’s listeners have encountered recently. Fourth is blending his main alias’ dark, groovey style of electronic music into heavy, raw guitar riffs and acoustic drums, all this served with a whole lot of distortion. What catches the eye first, is the freedom of both the way he combines his riffs and arrangement. The heaviness and nostalgic feel of the track bursts into an electronic ending, a certain reminder of what he’s up to when he’s not playing the guitar.

Certainly, there’s more to come from the producer on both of his stage-names, Zbyszek Siekiera and Fourth. We’ll keep you informed and provide more info about the artist in the nearest future.

Pick up the track “Darkness before the dawn” from our SoundCloud account:

Visit Zbyszek Siekiera’s profile on SoundCloud for some more electronic-oriented tracks.

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